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Self Care, Hygiene, and Beauty for the Mentally Il's Journal
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Monday, December 6th, 2004
1:47 pm
Between a mix up at the pharmacy and doctor's office (supposedly) and my own untimelyness, I have been without my meds for anxiety for nearly a week and a half...

I feel like I'm going to go nuts. It's great to have my sex-drive back again and all, don't get me wrong *wink* haha, but I've been having crazy mood-swings and crying spouts. Not to mention anxiety through the roof.

This must be initial cold-turkey withdrawls?

Ever just wonder if you got off the meds, if you'd be cured or just if maybe now you just don't need them anymore ever again (note - Garden State movie in a way)? Does the dependacy of medication scare the butt out of other people too? Like we're so different that we can't function normally without them... sigh... I just hate it.

So alone is right... but then i see (leave it LJ) that i'm not alone. thank goodness! I get so tired of no one ever understanding what I'm feeling.
Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
1:12 am
I hate to do this, and this is in no ways a way to undermine and steal members from other communities but:

Heylo, I am a Toronto-based New Media artist who suffers from Bipolar Type II. I am collecting stories from other mental illness sufferers to be included in an installation this February 2005. If you are interested in writing about your mental illness and having it anonymously become a piece of art-installation please join at mentalmoments

Thanks for your time.
Thursday, June 10th, 2004
1:26 pm
Please post up your history.
Pretty - and oddly enough nothing like meI thought it might be nice if we posted up our histories of how we came to be where we are now. It might just be interesting to see how much common ground most of us have. Please post these details either in a new message if you are a member of ANA ANGELS - or else pop it in the free-for-all BUDDY LIST.

Do you have a GENETIC PREDISPOSITION? Do ED's run in your family?
Did you have a stereotypical 'anorexic family' growing up? That is negative, where parents were interfering and overprotective and where expectations were unusually high to achieve and succeed? Did you avoid conflict with your family? One parent overbearing while the other was quite passive? Family rules so strong it was difficult to express your individuality?
Were you subjected to abuse - whether of a sexual, physical or emotional nature?
Did your ED start due to adolescent crisis?Were you stopped from taking risks at this age and was your homelife unstable at this time?
Did it start out as a desire to conform to the social desire to be slim?
Was it a part of searching for autonomy?
Did you inherit low self esteem from parents who feel that way about themselves?
Did it start around the time of a period of separation or loss?

Just thought it would be nice to share. I fall into almost every category and it's actually of some kind of comfort to know I'm just a textbook anorexic as opposed to being the freak I always felt like growing up. The person is inside my head, that is me. But 'the body' I am trapped in just makes me sick.
Thursday, March 25th, 2004
2:50 am
Anyone out there?!?!?!?!?!?!
(Please understand this has been crossposted to more than a few mental illness/disorder groups.)

Hi everyone,

I'm still in the throws of learning when I'm manic or not.
Sadly about a week ago I started running out of meds.
I didn't ask for much help except through my psych agency.
I didn't have the money for the meds.
I didn't want to ask my mom and step dad or dad for the money.
I was too afraid and also didn't want to rely on them all the time.
Now I have to rely on my mom for everything.
I am probably in a manic phase because I'm very jittery and impulsive at this time.
I'm scared. I want out - of the house, of this disease, of these problems, of my situations.
I'm feeling afraid.
How do you handle your manic episodes?
What do you do when you are not contained, or not stabilized?
Could you please give me some pointers?
I never really reached out like this before.
Thank you.


Current Mood: awake
Thursday, January 29th, 2004
7:04 pm
Poem Made And Shared:

I'm all alone.
Where do I belong?
I'm all alone.
Singing a tired old song.
I'm all alone.
I fear the darkness.
I'm all alone.
Light, too, I fear - metamorphosis.
I'm all alone.
I feel it's coming down to this fight.
I'm all alone.
I've pushed many to take flight.
I'm all alone.
I want to be strong and live!
I'm all alone.
I am just not sure what I can and cannot take and give.
I'm all alone.
Don't leave me alone!
I'm all alone.
I'm scared enough even if I can contact you with my phone!
I'm all alone.
Are my cries, my pleas, my begs, my hurt, my pain, my love listened to?
I'm all alone.
I serious am not sure what I am to do.

By Seta © 2004
(Seta is Catherine V. (Katie) Bidwell)

(Crossposted in my mental health LJ communities)

Current Mood: sad
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