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Anyone out there?!?!?!?!?!?!

(Please understand this has been crossposted to more than a few mental illness/disorder groups.)

Hi everyone,

I'm still in the throws of learning when I'm manic or not.
Sadly about a week ago I started running out of meds.
I didn't ask for much help except through my psych agency.
I didn't have the money for the meds.
I didn't want to ask my mom and step dad or dad for the money.
I was too afraid and also didn't want to rely on them all the time.
Now I have to rely on my mom for everything.
I am probably in a manic phase because I'm very jittery and impulsive at this time.
I'm scared. I want out - of the house, of this disease, of these problems, of my situations.
I'm feeling afraid.
How do you handle your manic episodes?
What do you do when you are not contained, or not stabilized?
Could you please give me some pointers?
I never really reached out like this before.
Thank you.

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the only thing that i can really suggest is remembering that this is just a manic phase, and you need to keep yourself steady on your meds. because when you crash, if you are not on your meds, you are going to crash hard. (i am not lecturing, i am speaking from experience.)

as bad as it feels, be thankful that you can rely on your mom for help right now. i had to rely on my parents for everything for a very long time as well. i am just starting to take care of myself, and i still have to ask for help sometimes. and i always wait until the last minute, or until it is too late, because i hate doing it. but think about our situation.... it's ok to ask for help.

i hope that you are feeling better when you read this, and i wish you well. :)
I am feeling better, thank you. And yes, I crashed hard. I am now back on my meds, but I still suffer from the effects of the with drawl. ::sigh:: I will never allow this to happen again. Thank you, take care, be well, much love! ~ Seta
a few months ago i had something similar happen to me. i was going thru a manic phase that lasted much longer than any of my other ones had, and i thought that i was 'cured'. so i stopped taking my meds. big mistake. i ended up crashing really hard.

i am glad to hear that you are doing better. :)
The "higher" they rise, the "harder" they fall. ::sigh:: ~ Seta